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The #VH2023 Scorecard

The elimination of hepatitis B and hepatitis C by 2030 can be Australia’s next major preventive and public health success.

In 2022, the VH2022 Action Plan called on the Australian Government to undertake seven important actions to lead the collaborative efforts needed to pursue elimination by 2030. This scorecard provides a preliminary assessment as at the end of 2023 against those actions.

This preliminary assessment is done by Hepatitis Australia, the national peak body representing the interests of the people living with hepatitis B and hepatitis C, and the State and Territory Hepatitis Organisations.

This assessment is based on the draft National Hepatitis B Strategy 2023-2030 and National Hepatitis C Strategy 2023-2030 released for public consultation in June 2023. The final documents are due for public release in 2024.

The national hepatitis strategies must be supported by implementation funding. Hepatitis Australia has developed a 2024-2025 Budget submission which outlines funding requirements.


VH2023 Scorecard

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Organisations that support The 2030 Accord's mission:

Hepatitis AustraliaASHMAIVLKirby InstituteDoherty Institute

Burnet InstituteCentre for Social Health Research, UNSWAustralasian Hepatology AssociationAustralasian Society for Infectious Diseases

ACH2WHO Collaborating Centre for Viral HepatitisThe Hepatitis Foundation of New Zealand


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